Affiliate program

Registered users are eligible to participate in the affiliate program.
You can find your referal link in your Account after regestration

Each client who went to by clicking on a link and exchanged using our service is considered a client attracted by you as a service partner. With each such operation performed by attracted customers on, the partner receives a profit as a percentage of the service’s profit. The percentage paid to the partner depends on the level of the partner. The higher the level, the greater the share of profit the partner receives. The discount rate for personal exchanges is also calculated based on the level of the partner. The level of a partner is determined by the total volume of operations (both personal and invited customers) according to the following formula:
Total Volume = Personal Volume + ((Customer Volume) / 3)

Affiliate Program Levels

Partner level Total volume of operations in USD currency Personal discount (in % of the profit of the Service) Profit from customer exchanges (in% of the profit of the Service)
1 10 5 5
2 100 16 16
3 1000 25 25
4 10000 30 33
5 100000 40 50

If a client attracted by a partner performs an operation on the service without registering, it is still considered to be a attracted client as long as it is technically possible to uniquely establish the connection of this client with the partner (determined through a cookie stored on the client’s side at the time of the first transition to the Service website from the Partner’s website).

Чтобы начать зарабатывать на партнерской программе зарегистрируйся по этой ссылке, это займет 1 минуту, нужно всего лишь указать логин, пароль и емайл. Вы получите в своем кабинете свою личную реферальную ссылку которую можете распространять и зарабатывать на пришедших к нам клиентов.