• The order has been paid. When will my wallet be replenished?
    Transfer to your wallet after payment of the application is made within half an hour, as the funds will be received to our bank details. If this did not happen (within 60 minutes), check the status of the application on the page of your exchange or refresh the page with the status of the exchange, if there are no notifications, please contact the support service in the online chat on the website or by email (see below). For cryptocurrency or Paypal special terms of exchange, which you can read on the exchange page.
  • Why does it take so long to transfer to Bitcoin or Etherium cryptocurrency?
    The transfer to cryptocurrency can be performed on the blockchain network in a couple of minutes or several days, it all depends on the blockchain network congestion, transfer fees and other factors. You can watch the transfer process yourself, you will see the link to the Transaction on the exchange page.
  • Can I exchange more than the reserve?
    Yes, you can. You need to contact the online chat operator.
  • What are the fees for the transfer?
    When you transfer money to us, you will see the commission on the page of the payment system, in most cases it does not exceed 2%. Whenever possible, our service shows how much you pay with commission. But we cannot predict how you will pay, for example, if you pay from your Qiwi wallet, then there is no commission, and if you pay with Qiwi, but use a Visa card to pay, the commission will already be 2%. If you pay with Yandex wallet, the commission will be 0.05%, and if you use a card, the commission will increase to 2%. The amount that you will have to receive during the exchange, you can see on the exchange page.
    For the cryptocurrency that you transfer to our service, you set the commission for the transfer yourself, whatever you think is necessary, we fix the transfer and start the exchange after the first confirmation in the network.
  • How do I get support quickly?
    Quick support is carried out through the online chat system on the website (lower right corner), or through e-mail: support@change247.net. You can also see all the current information on the exchange on the exchange page.
  • I closed the exchange page, how can I find the address of the exchange page?
    The address of the exchange page can be obtained from the manager in the online chat. Also, if you entered your email as a contact, you will receive the url address of the exchange after it ends.
    In the browser, the lost exchange page can be found in the Browsing history section.

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